Relief Milking In New Zealand. A Practical Guide For Finding Relief Milker Jobs.

Earn Up To $10,000+ In A Month

  • Do you enjoy working in the countryside?
  • Do you like working with animals?
  • Do you enjoy travelling to different places?
  • Do you have an interest in the dairy sector?
  • Do you want flexible working hours?
  • Do you want to earn serious money?
  • Are you self-motivated?
  • If you have answered ‘yes’ to all those questions, then relief milking could be for you. In a nutshell, a relief milker is an individual who milks dairy animals (cows, goats, and sheep) while the farmers or their staff are on leave.

    But where does one begin? What are the pros and cons? How do you determine your pay rates? Should you charge mileage? How much experience do you need to have? Do you need any experience at all? How exactly do you become a relief milker?

    More importantly, how do you become a successful relief milker? Because, contrary to popular belief, relief milker jobs can involve a lot more than just changing cups and hosing down.

    That is where ‘Relief Milking In New Zealand – A Practical Guide’ comes in.

    This publication is the first of its kind, and it was specifically put together for the purpose of assisting people who are not only interested in becoming relief milkers, but becoming in-demand and highly paid ones, the kind who can earn up to $10,000+ in a month, depending on how many days they choose to work.

    ‘Relief Milking In New Zealand’ was written by a Kiwi ex-dairy farmer with thirty years of ‘hands-on’ experience (the last ten of those working as a self-employed relief milker) and encapsulates the sort of knowledge that can only be attained by being directly involved in the dairy sector for a long time.

    This book will guide aspiring relief milkers through the ins and outs of the profession. It will provide valuable insights on finding relief milking jobs, staying ahead in a competitive field, choosing the ‘right’ sheds, maximising income, succeeding in economic downturns, and building a sustainable trade (yes, trade) in the dairy sector. It will equip readers with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive as relief milkers, even during industry ‘slumps’.

    An astute and self-motivated relief milker will always be in demand, regardless of the state of the economy. In fact, there has perhaps never been a better time to be a relief milker in New Zealand as now. Due to the current economic climate, with high costs and inflation, a number of dairy farmers will be forgoing employing full-time staff in favour of hiring relievers, in order to take the pressure off their farm finances and debts.

    Just like farming, ‘Relief Milking In New Zealand’ will be in a continual state of progress. It will be expanded, improved, revised, and updated to reflect reader feedback and new developments within the dairy sector, which could see this humble little guide growing into quite a study.

    While this book was primarily written for a New Zealand audience, much of the information contained therein will also be applicable to relief milkers (and dairy farmers) living and working overseas, particularly those in the West (e.g. Australia, Canada, Europe, Ireland, UK, USA). For example, if you’re a relief milker in Scotland, then this ebook is sure to set you off in the right direction to help you to hone your skills and boost your income.

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    Some Feedback

    I needed something like this! Thanks, bro.

    Tai, Reporoa

    I had a little laugh at the idea relief milking could be a trade. But this has changed my mind. It’s a trade alright. I think too many relief milkers sell themselves short and don’t realize just how important their role is.

    Darren, Waipu

    I wasn’t expecting a book with so much detail. I’m stoked with it. I’ve sent in some suggestions for your next book.

    Gayle, Whakatane

    Awesome book. I’ve learned heaps.

    Jason, Nelson

    When I first saw this I was thinking why the hell would anybody need a book on how to relief milk? But after reading it I soon realized just how much I didn’t know. And I’ve been relief milking for about 8 years. It’s certainly opened my eyes and forced me to look at things from a new perspective.

    Roger, Te Aroha

    Great book and I love the style of writing, too. Well done. Looking forward to the next one.

    Sharon, Westport.

    The techniques presented are not only efficient but also considerate of the well-being of the animals.

    Chantelle, Hawera

    What stood out for me was the focus on real-life scenarios. It doesn’t just provide generic advice. It offers practical solutions to common challenges faced by relief milkers.

    Kathryn, Levin

    Good book. I took your advice on networking and it’s made a big difference in getting jobs, a lot more than what I was getting by using just Facebook and Farm Source Jobs.

    Paul, Matamata

    You’ve done well with this book, bro. It covers things that haven’t crossed my mind until now.

    Jason, Hikurangi